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Gunsmthing Services


Colt 1911 & Variants

Customization  Packages

Basic Range Package


  • Trigger job using match trigger (Optional Upgrade to Exteme Engineering Fire Control Kit)

  • Reliability Package

  • Novak or Heinie sights

  • Re-blue slide in satin blue

Total: 524.95

Tac Plus Package


  • All the items in the Street Package, plus:

  • Exteme Engineering hammer, sear & disconnector

  • Match barrel bushing

  • Crown & polish barrel at 11°

  • Bevel magazine well

  • Tritium sights

  • Barstock beavertail fitted & installed

  • TMC Barstock extended thumb safety fitted & installed

  • Smooth-Out package (de-horn)

  • Re-blue complete gun in satin blue

Total: 1505.90

NOTE: All prices listed are for work on customer-supplied guns and do NOT include shipping and insurance. Please call or e-mail for list of suitable base guns.

Per Job  Pricing

Parts & LaborPrice (USD)

Trigger Job    $105.00

Deluxe Trigger Job    $303.00

(includes new Extreme Engineering barstock hammer, sear, disconnector & match trigger, sear and hammer spring)

Reliability Package    $135.00
(includes throat barrel, polish feed ramp, new match polished and tuned extractor, polish & adjust breech face, & adjust 2 magazines as needed)

Smooth-Out Package (dehorn)    $100.00

Re-cut Frame Feed Ramp    $55.00

(to proper depth/angle and polish)

Lower & Flare Ejection Port    $65.00

Bevel Magazine Well (machine cut @ 15°)    $75.00

Crown & Polish Barrel at 11°    $45.00

Machine Frame for Ramped Barrel    $120.00

High-Cut Front Strap    $75.00

True, High-Cut & Checker Front Strap @ 20 lpi    $255.00

True, High-Cut & Checker Front Strap @ 25 lpi    $265.00

True, High-Cut & Checker Front Strap @ 30 lpi    $280.00

True, High-Cut & Stippled    $75.00

Stipple Mainspring Housing    $25.00

Checker Trigger Guard (front or bottom)    $75.00

Stipple Trigger Guard    $25.00

Machine Front Cocking Serrations on Slide    $95.00
(std. Colt or Springfield style)

Machine French Cuts on Slide    $95.00

Machine Ball Cuts on Slide    $120.00

Flatten Slide Top    $55.00

Flatten & Serrate Slide Top @ 40 lpi    $100.00


Flatten & Serrate Slide Top @ 40 lpi (ending in arrow point)125.00

Flatten & Serrate Slide Top(in Ghost Arrow pattern)295.00

Serrate Back of Slide @ 40 lpi    $85.00
(recommend extra serrated extractor – add $40.00)

Checkered Back of Slide    $125.00

Furnish/Install Standard Match Barrel    $515.00
(Kart, includes match bushing, link, pin, Barrel Crown & Reliability Package)

Furnish/Install Match Barrel Bushing    $75.00

Furnish/Install TMC Ambidextrous Safety (barstock part)    $162.00

Furnish/Install EGW or Ed Brown Beavertail Grip Safety    $165.00

(barstock part)165.00

Funish/Install TMC Mainspring Housing    $45.00

Funish/Install TMC Mainspring Housing / Magwell   $65.00

Furnish/Install TMC Thumb Safety (barstock part)    $100.00

Furnish/Install Extended Ejector    $49.99

Furnish/Install Novak or Heinie Fixed Sights    $175.00

Furnish/Install Bo-Mar Low-Mounted Rear Sight    $185.00

Furnish/Install Dovetail-Mounted Front Sight (black)    $48.00


NOTE: Some of the modifications listed will require refinishing.

All other work by hourly rate of $50.00 per hour

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