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Gunsmthing Services



Shop Charges (charged in 1/4 hour increments)

Shop time per hour $50.00 

Machine time per hour $60.00 

Minimum charge per gun $35.00 

Written estimate $20.00 

Action and Blueprinting

Standard:True receiver face and lap in bolt lugs.

Level 2:True receiver face, lug seats, remachine bolt lugs, true bolt head and face, lap in bolt.

Level 3:In addition to Level 2, recut receiver threads concentric to bore

Level 4:In addition to Level 3, bore receiver boltway true to bore and fit oversize bolt body.

Remington 600, 700, XP100 and Model 7 as a standard for level 4, call for pricing on other models


Please call for pricing on all blueprinting packages.


Bush bolt face or change case head size, install Sako or M16 Extractor

Added to any blueprinting job(extractor included)    $175.00

Open bolt face refit extractor(claw extractor action)  $125.00

Barrel Work

Fit and chamber    $200.00 

Rechamber (to Ackley) set barrel back and retime   $125.00 

Complete barrel break-in service   $65.00

(does not include ammo)

Custom muzzle breaks manufactured and fit   $20000


Barrel fluting - standard 8 flutes   $145.00

Glass Bedding Services

Standard glass bedding    $125.00

Pillar bedding    $165.00

M1/M1A match bedding   $200.00


Stock Work

Fit recoil pad  


Wood stock   $55.00

Fiberglass stock (screw and expoxy on)   $65.00

Inlet and fit barreled action to stockstarting at   $125.00

Install swivel studs (studs included)   

Install Freeland or Anshutz forearm rail   $55.00

(does not include rail)   


Call for pricing on adjustable comb and butt assembly

Trigger Work

Bolt Actions 

Adjust trigger $55 

Stone and set trigger $75.00

Fit Jewel or similar trigger   $65.00

(does not include trigger or stock work)



AR-15 and FN FALs    $95.00

Sight Work

Custom sight mount   $55/hr

Drill/tap and mount sights -2 holes   $30.00

Drill/tap and mount scope -4 holes   $50.00

Drill barrel for Unertle bases (does not inlude bases)  $50.00

Custom scope mount, custom base, ream and lap in rings mount and boresight   $65..

Cut a dovetail in barrel $55.00

Bore sight customer gun $20.00

Sight in customer gun   $50.00

(does not include ammo or targets)


Finishes and Finishing Work


Polish and blue -Long gun   $175.00

Safety check and test fire   $35.00

Clean and Oil Rifle $50.00

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